1 Samuel - Who Will Be King?

A sermon series looking at the heart of man and the character of God in 1 Samuel asking the simple question, "Who wil be King?"

1 Samuel 30  Reflecting the very character of God. From tragedy to victory
Pastor John Geaney 8/21/2016

THEME: Trusting in God for Strength

AIM: That we would refelct the character of God in living out that "God is enough".

1 Samuel 29 :1-11  The Providence of God’s mercy
Pastor John Geaney 8/14/2016
NB Only part of the sermon was recorded

THEME: The providence of God’s mercy.

AIM: Realize that God through His providence does not treat our rebellion in the way that it deserves.

1 Samuel 28 A Spiritual and Physical Night When God does not Respond
Pastor John Geaney 8/7/2016

THEME:  Hopelessness of not hearing from God

AIM:  That we don’t leave ourselves in deafening darkness because we listen to what we see with our eyes instead of God with our faith.

1 Samuel 26 Remaining faithful by trusting God’s constant power
Pastor John Geaney 7/10/2016

NB RECORDED at our Summer Service in the Park

THEME: Remaining faithful by trusting God’s constant silent power

AIM: To live out our faith by obedience knowing that God’s power never fails.

1 Samuel 25 God’s grace in providentially saving David from his own sin
Pastor John Geaney 6/26/2016

Theme: God does not treat us according to our sin but according to His grace. He saves us from it.

AIM: Adoring God, through drawing close to Him through humility and service.

1 Samuel 24 The time between promise and fulfillment - be Steadfast in The Lord! 
Pastor John Geaney 6/19/2016

Theme: God will vindicate. David because God is both judge and savior.

Aim: To have a steadfast heart that trusts in God to fulfill His promises, justly, strongly and in His perfect time.

1 Samuel 23 Directed by the LORD – The Up holder of Life 
Pastor John Geaney 6/12/2016

THEME:  The LORD Upholds David's life!

AIM: That we see how God's chosen King is up held by the word of the Lord, which guides him, encourages him and rescues him.

1 Samuel 22 Blind Rage of Sin V Steadfast love of The LORD
Pastor John Geaney 6/5/2016

THEME: Sin lies and deceives the person who rejects God’s King to the point his anger makes him blind to the rational and causes him to kill.

AIM: Reject sin and trust in the steadfast love of God’s king to preserve and protect the remnant of God’s people through persecution.

1 Samuel 21 The desperate don’t get what they deserve, but are delivered!
Pastor John Geaney 5/29/2016

THEME:  The Mercy of God is delivering us from what we deserve when we sin in our desperation!

AIM: That like us David is fallen, but that God is merciful.  That God does not treat us as our sins deserve.

1 Samuel 19-20 Commit to serving God’s Chosen King, no  matter what the cost 
Pastor John Geaney 5/22/2016

THEME: Commit to serving God’s Chosen King, no matter what the cost maybe.

AIM: That we would be able distinguish when we are serving the world and when we are serving God’s chosen King.

1 Samuel 17 Defying the enemy of the living God for God's glory! 
Pastor John Geaney 5/8/2016

Theme:  God's enemy defying the living God. God's King killing God's enemy for God's glory.

Aim: That all the earth would know the God of Israel!

1 Samuel 16  God looks with His heart at a better king!  God's chosen King, a servant King! 
Pastor John Geaney 5/1/2016

Theme:  That we would see the marks of God’s chosen King is humility, service, and willingness to obey God even when it means you will have to suffer.

Aim:  Adore God, for how He looks with His heart and not man's eyes!

1 Samuel 12-15  The heart of the matter! Obeying the voice of The LORD! 
Pastor John Geaney 4/24/2016

Theme: The people's king rejecting the Word of the Lord.

Aim: That we would learn to obeying the voice of the Lord from the heart not because of appearance, no matter what it costs us. Allegiance to God's King.

1 Samuel 2:11-7:17  The Heavy Weight of God's Glory & The Quiet Mercy of God 
Pastor John Geaney 4/10/2016

The theme of this passage is the heaviness of God's Glory.

The aim of this passage is that we would seek him with all our heart, repent, crush our idols and addictions and serve Him Only as King

1 Samuel 1-2:11  Crying, Cradling, Crushing 
Pastor John Geaney 4/3/2016

The theme and aim of our passage is: We must humble ourselves before the LORD.  We must pour out our hearts before the King of all strength to save us.

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