If you could ask God one question and you knew it would be answered what would it be?  Watch this video and take moment to think about this life altering question.

“So, God, if you could ask me one question, what would it be?”   Luke 9:23-26
August 31st 2014, Pastor John Geaney

The main theme of our short passage today is very blunt and very simple.  You can have the whole world, and still have nothing of value at all if your soul is not saved by Jesus.

God, why do you allow suffering?   Luke 13:1-5
August 17th 2014, Pastor John Geaney

The shock of the reality of this world is not the God would allow suffering but that God would allow any good.  This question of "God, why do you allow suffering?" comes down to one simple idea, if God is loving and powerful, why does he allow this to happen.   The Bible's answer is difficult but rich.  god allows suffering because:
  • We are no better
  • Hell and Evil are real
  • So that we flee and repent

God, why don’t you let us know you are real? John 1:1-13
August 10th 2014, Pastor John Geaney

Noel Coward was once asked, ‘What do you think aboutGod?’ to which he replied, ‘We’ve never been properlyIntroduced.’ Well our aim is to see that God show us He’s real and that He has introduced Himself to us in several ways. 
  • God has introduced Himself through the revelation of creation (The World)
  • God has revealed Himself through the revelation of Inspiration, (the Word and Spirit)
  • God has revealed Himself through the revelation of Incarnation (Himself).

Why Evangelise? Luke 16:19-31
August 3rd 2014, Pastor John Geaney

 God gives us this amazing gift of time to do two things with. First, to give Him glory in getting to know Him more. Second, to give Him glory in telling about Him to the lost.  The first we will do for all eternity, the second we only have a short period of time to do.   SO why evangelise? 1. Because Jesus said to   2. Because Hell is too horrific   3. Because the Kingdom of God is too wonderful

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