Biblical Eldership & The Church

As we embark over the next 10 weeks on the future of 5th Avenue Baptist Church, we are going to be taking an epic journey on whether we strive to take hold of the gospel to which God has called us.  Eldership is the biblical model of local church leadership.  We must respond to what the bible calls us to.

Who chooses the Elders? Acts 14:23 & 20:17-38   October 19th 2014  Pastor John

Acts lays out for us the need for Elder's / Pastors, to love Jesus, Love His Word and teach it to others.  This gives us the principle of who chooses an Elder.  The Holy Spirit & The Congregation.

What are an Elder's qualifcations   1 Timothy 3:1-8 October 12th 2014  Pastor John

Aspiring and desiring, like the athlete, you’ve got to want it more than you want to breathe.  This is what will change this town for the Gospel when qualified men step up to the good task of leading the church, because they desire and aspire to serve Jesus more than they want to breath.

Eldership (Noun) are to Shepherd (Verb) Acts 20:28 & 1Peter 5:1-5   October 5th 2014  Pastor John

As we look at this passage this morning we see the big idea of good leaders lead through serving and seeing the bigger picture.

Eldership by the Book  Acts 15- 16:5  September 28th 2014  Pastor John

In Acts 15 we see the defense and definition of the gospel:

The Gospel must be defended by men set aside by God to lead the church.  The foundation of the church is love for God and a love for God's word.  The structure raising up from that foundation is men who are set apart to preach God's word.

The gospel must be defined. The gospel is not faith in Jesus + ..... The Gospel is faith in Jesus only.  Obedience is the result of faith in Jesus and not the cause.  In or freedom of the gospel being saved by faith we must use our freedom wisely in a way that causes nothing to get in the way of the gospel being heard.

What are a Deacons qualifications?  1 Timothy 3:8-15.  September 21st 2014  Pastor John

We see how Deacons are guardians of the truth of the gospel with their temporal practical ministry which they do out of confidence of knowing that Jesus loves them and they love Jesus. The bible shows us the pattern of what deacons are meant to be which means we need to pull ourselves in line with God's Word!

What is a Deacon?  Acts 6:1-7.  September 14th 2014  Pastor John

The hope is that we will begin to see how the bibles description of what a deacon is.  Because we are a bible believing church, seeing what the bible has to say regaurding leadership we therefore will be moved to do what the bible calls us to do.

So in the simplest way possible we need to see that Acts 6 shows us that Deacons are to focus on the temporal and practical needs of a local church, so that pastors or elders can focus on the praying and preaching of God’s word.

What is the Church & What is a Christian?  Acts 2:14-47.  September 7th 2014  Pastor John

What is the church & what is a Christian?  The reason we ask these two questions in a series like this is simply to see why Eldership applies to us.  If it does then it is relevant and we need to pay attention, if it doesn’t then we don’t. 

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