Acts10:33-43  Why The Resurection! - Jesus is Alive Today.

There is one theme in this passage, and that is Jesus is Lord of All.  And therefore there is one aim in preaching it, that you would follow Jesus and we be Lord of All to you.

2 Corinthians 5:11-21  The Heart Beat of the Gospel -Jesus is Alive.

The love of Christ should be the heart beat of our loves, His love took Him to the Cross, His love should control us to change the way we view ourselves & other people.

Palm Sunday Luke 19:28-44 -That's MY KING!

As Israel welcomes Jesus into Jerusalem with the victory parade of a King Jesus weeps with the grief of a funeral.  They fail to know who He really is.  Listen to this epic passage teach about the greatest King of all time heading to do battle for the greatest victory of all time!

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