Ephesians -God's Master Plan

In this series in Ephesians we will be looking at God's perfect timing in executing His Master plan.  A plan designed before the foundation of the World that has at the heart of it the death of His own Son who rises victoriously from the grave to become the King of the whole Universe.  Most amazing of all He has a role for you to play in His Master Plan.  Come with us on this epic journey of discovery, find out your true identity and the one to whom all of history will one day answer to.

Ephesians6:21-24  God's Master Plan. - Don't play at being a ChristianThe Real Manifold Wisdom – You & Me  September 8th,  Pastor John Geaney

Paul as I signs off on his letter uses four words to summarize what He’s been telling them, and what the gospel is all about.  Peace, Love, Faith and Grace.  Paul ties all of this together into the lives of those he is writing to and us today.

Ephesians6:10-20  God's Master Plan. - Declaration of War!.  September 1st,  Pastor John Geaney

Being a Christian is both dangerous and hard.  We have an enemy, we have armor, we have victory.

You and I in our walk with Christ can get to places where we are vulnerable and weak.  Where we feel we have had the Spiritual life sucked out of us, our energy is low, and we become tired, may be even angry. It becomes a struggle just to carry on.  

God gives us the bible and prayer so that if we ever get hurt, which we will, if you feel like you going down, which sometimes you will, God’s Holy Spirit is going to whisper into our ear, He’s going to say, “Get up!  You’re my child, because I love you, I made you!”

All he wants when strengthens us is for us to say thank you Father.  Thank you! I trust in your strength.

Ephesians6:5-9  God's Master Plan. - The Reward of Working for God’s pleasure!.  August 25th,  Pastor John Geaney

In God’s master plan he is creating a new society out of the sinful fallen society of our broken world. He is a heavenly Father Adopting children to be part of the manifold wisdom of God.  In the area of Slave & Masters wemust redeem our work notfor the temporal but the rewardsof enjoying God's glory forever.

Ephesians6:1-4  God's Master Plan. Family - The End goal is salvation not obedience.  August 11th,  Pastor John Geaney

In God's Master He wants to Create a New People & a New Society. The family is God's creation.  Children are to trust in their parents tohear the gospel & live in the eternal land of God's Kingdom, if not death will seperate them.

Ephesians5:21-33  God's Master Plan. Marriage - The Picture of Christ & The Church  August 4th,  Pastor John Geaney

In God's Master He wants to Create a New People & a New Society. The foundation for that new Society is Marriage. The magnitude of this theme of marriage cannot be over stated enough.  Some even say it is the theme of the whole of the bible.  Jesus preparing His bride before the feast of the wedding in the Kingdom of Heaven.


Ephesians5:15-21  God's Master Plan. Walk in Wisdom. Redeem Time - July28th,  Pastor John Geaney

In God's Master Plan Christians are to take trouble over their Christian life.  To be wise by redeeming time, know the will of the Lord, be filled with the Spirit and respond from being full of the Spirit in Fellowship, obedince Worship and gratitude.  See how paul gives us 3 marks of wisdom and 4 responses of being full of the Holy Spirit.

Ephesians5:5-14  God's Master Plan. Motivation to Live in / as the Light - July21st,  Pastor John Geaney

In God's Master Plan He is plain about those He adopts as His Children and those who will not inherit the Kingdom. There is the Stick and Carrot motivation to live for God in this passage.  The first is a warning the other a garuntee. This passage begins with this motivation of judgement, but then finishes with the most amazing motivation of seeing salvation come to the souls of the lost and a greater sense of salvation come to the saved.

Two points:

1.    What does obedience look like now?

2.    What ‘Fruit of the Light” should we be seeing?


Ephesians5:1-6  God's Master Plan. Living Worthy of the Gospel - July14th,  Mr. Brad Poston

In God's Master Plan He creates a new people. He has given us a value in who He is and Enjoying Him, that nothing in all of creation could ever match.  Love to love God!

Ephesians4:17-32  God's Master Plan. New Mind, New Life. Evidence of Faith - July7th, Pastor John

In God's Master Plan He creates a new people. He gives them a new mind, which inturn gives them a new life. Once you have met Jesus Personally you are never the same person again. That’s the big idea, the theme running all the way through this passage and indeed this letter to the Ephesians. The picture that Paul uses to help us understand this idea is of a person walking in a different way because they have put on different clothes. Listen to how our new mind givesus a new life...

Ephesians4:1-16  God's Master Plan. Unity, Truth in Love. - June 23rd, Pastor John

The theme of this passage is the truely healthy church is unified in Christ.  There is a danger of Cast Away Christian’s, people who think it’s okay not to be in regular fellowship & love other Christians.  But that’s not the way it should be brothers and sisters.  Without one another we will shrivel up and die like a weed sprayed with round up.  Without the church, without other Brothers and sisters in Christ, we cannot and will not be rooted in Christ and His word speaking the truth in Love!

Ephesians3:14-21  God's Master Plan. Glory prayed in. - June 9th, Pastor John

The big idea of this passage is in our key verse for unlocking this passage v 20.  That God can do more in us, the church, than we can ask Him to do, and God can do more in us, the church, than we think He can do. The aim therefore of this passage for us is that we would pray like Paul and lift our voices to give God glory in Prayer.

Ephesians3:1-13  God's Master Plan. The Manifold of His Wisodm is you and me. - June 2nd, Pastor John

The big idea of this passage is that God uses every single member of His Church, all those who are saved by trusting in Christ Jesus, He uses every single one of us to be the means by which He tells the angels His master plan.  We see What God is doing, Why He is doing it, and how he fits in so that we as a church may know, what we are doing, why we are doing it, and how each one of us as an individual fit in.


Ephesians2:11-22  God's Master Plan is to build a New Humanity - May 27th, Pastor John

 The big idea of this passage is that God’s master plan is creating through Christians a New humanity that brings peace.  God has a way of bringing us peace, both as a humanity as well as an individual.  1.    Receive Peace with God promise v11-13    2.    Receive Peace With God’s People V14-18  3.    Receive Peace with Knowing God’s plan. V19-22


Ephesians2:1-10 God's Master Plan is a rescue mission - What it means to be dead, what it means to be alive, what it means to live!  What do Christians Do?  RISE UP!
May 19th, Pastor John

God's master plan is a rescue mission.  We are saved from God's wrath, By God's Son, To live For God's glory.  Therefore we are challanged to Rise Up. 1)When we understand what it means to be dead, objects of God's wrath v1-3 We 2) will then be able to rejoice in the grace of God's rescue in Jesus Christ by grace alone v4-8 so that 3) we will live all our days doing good works for Him. v9-10

Ephesians1:15-23 God's Master Plan Prayed - Ask to Know more of God!
May 5th, Pastor John

God's master plan prayed.  Because God has blessed us with every spiritual blessing lets pray…; that we may know God Better! By the Spirit of wisdom and revelation v17. That the eyes of our hearts will be enlightened so that we may know the i) Hope v18 ii) Inheritance v 18 iii) Power v19-23

Ephesians1:3-14 God's Master Plan Revealed - Every Spiritual Blessing
April 28, Pastor John

God's master plan is revealed to those who trust in Jesus as their King and are adopted into His family. For this we are to praise God who has blessed us, God the Father in Electing us, God the Son in Redeeming Us, God the Holy Spirit in sealing us with a guaranteed inheritance.  Nothing is more secure for the Christian than the adoption of God to rescue us by His own Son.

Ephesians1:1-2 God's Master Plan  is Christ Jesus
April 21, Pastor John

God's master plan to build a New World, a New Society. The promise of this letter is that God has a master plan.  A way of turning our existence in this world on its head.  The Key Is Jesus being King 1st Savior 2nd. We each have a part to play in God's master plan, individually tailored for who we are as unique individuals with our own story.

Intro to the Book of Ephesians:  Acts 19-20 God's Master Builder
April 14, Pastor John

A look at how the church at Ephesus began.  The Apostle Paul going into a Spiritualy dark place  and giving them the Word of God so that they may be deficient no more and have every Spiritual blessing in Christ Jesus.

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