In our series on the book of Genesis we will be introduced to a Glorious God, see His character, His Will, and His Plans.  We will see that we were made by God, for God, and how we rejected God that leads to the dark broken world we have today.  But the story doesn't end there, this is only the beginning.....

Genesis to Revelation The Promise both Now & Not Yet. In Search of The Serpent Crusher. March 15th 2015, Pastor John Geaney

Our aim is to see how Jesus Christ is the Serpent Crusher, and how Het ties the whole Bible together.  As an added bonus I hope that this shows us the nature of how the bible works.  That it isn’t just a random collection of old stories and myths, but that it is in fact the authoritative inspired, infallible, inerrant word of God.  I book like no other, with God as its ultimate author.

Genesis 12:1-9 Getting Ready for the Solution of The World’s Brokenness March 8th 2015, Pastor John Geaney

The Big idea of this passage is "The Lord is faithful to all His promises" (Psalm 145:13).  The Main Aim of this passage is to know what the mission of the church is.  To make worshipers and lovers of Jesus!

Genesis 11:1-9 The Call of The Big City. Man Trying to Reach God!  March 1st 2015, Pastor John Geaney

The Big idea of this passage is God’s mercy in preventing mankind from destroying itself by living to steal God’s glory.  In other words without the gospel man worships himself,  there is confusion, with the gospel, confusion is unraveled and the world makes sense.  The Aim of this passage is to see how God created the mission field of every tribe tongue and nation so that the gospel may be spread to every people group in creation.  To see the gospel goto reach the ends of the earth. 

Genesis 6-9 The God We Don't Want to Believe In. Judgment!  February 22nd 2015, Pastor John Geaney

The big idea of this passage is to understand that God takes sin seriously and that judgment is a reality. Our aim  is that we would take sin seriously and see how it tears God’s heart apart, our world and our souls, if we simply ignore it.

Genesis 3:14-24 BROKEN.  February 15th 2015, Pastor John Geaney

The big idea of today’s passage is why only Genesis 3 makes sense of the broken world, & why only Redemption through Jesus Christ works in this broken world?

Genesis 3:1-13 Darkest Day in Human History.  February 8th 2015, Pastor John Geaney

The big idea of today’s passage is If we do not trust in God’s word it will lead to death.  Our aim is to found our lives on Jesus and His words so that we don’t make shipwreck of our faith as well as present the real Jesus to a broken world.

Genesis 2:1-4 Work & Rest.  February 1st 2015, Pastor John Geaney

The big idea of today’s passage is this, the sacred nature of work driven by the gospel that pursues God’s rest.  We see God calling us to rest in relationship with Jesus Christ and that the purpose of our work is to proclaim the gospel

Genesis 2:18-25 Made in His Image Pt 2.  Male & Female January 25th 2015, Pastor John Geaney

Why before the fall does God look and say that something is not good.  It cannot be because it is broken, it cannot be because of sin.  So what is it?

Without Men and Women the church cannot be completed.  Without Men and Women the great commission cannot be finished!

Genesis 1:26-28 Made in His Image Pt 1.   January 18th 2015, Pastor John Geaney

One of the big questions humanity has tried to answer over the course of our existence is simply "Who are we?"  Are we basically Good or Evil? Do we have a purpuse in being? Well in Genesis 1:26-28 we find our answer that in Christ we are made by God, For God, with the purpuse of being on mission for God. Genesis 1 only makes sense in light of the Gospel.  To see that we are made to be image bearers of the one who made us in His image.  That we have been made like God to rule.  Not to be green, (because this earth will be made new one day), but to be evangelical! 

Genesis 1-2:3 In the beginning God.   January 11th 2015, Brother Hunter Bradley

Christians believe in a true story that the World rejects.  That God created all things not by what can be seen, but by the power of His Words.  This means that God is worthy to be worshiped and praised and that we are not here by accident.

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