The Book of Isaiah

Why Isaiah? This is a mammoth book, so how do you eat an Elephant, (or mammoth)? One slice at a time!   We are going to see that our present actions and choices have implications, not only into eternity, but also the short and long term future of our lives.   We will be standing on the peak of Mount Everest and seeing the whole horizon of God’s story in one view, with its valleys and peaks and a tale of two cities.  One Faithful to the King, one unfatihful even to themselves.

Isaiah 55  "God's invitation to full satisfaction" June 29th, Pastor John Geaney  

We go from relationships, to money, to materialism, to technology, to food, to sport, to promotion, to popularity on social media looking for pleasure.  And the truth is it’s only there for a fleeting second or so but then it’s gone again.  But what God offers here in Isaiah is a relationship that will satisfy forever. A relationship that never breaks down on His part, an always and forever, breaking, unstoppable love.

Isaiah 40-55             The Servant God – The Shepherd saving His Sheep.  June 22nd, Pastor John Geaney  


Isaiah 40 UNBREAKABLE - The God of All Comfort,  June 8th, Pastor John Geaney  

God and His words are unbreakable even under the weight of sin, and rebellion, even under the weight of war and suffering.

Isaiah 36-37 How to insult God and Lose Him June 1st, Pastor John Geaney  

Big idea what are you trusting in?  Big Aim, genuinely trust in God alone!

Isaiah 11 God has a dream that's real! May 25th, Pastor John Geaney  

It isn’t easy sometimes to be a Christian and trust God.  Isaiah 11 gives us the truth to hold &  go forward.  It takes us to the faithful city where there is nothing tofear, only hope in God.

Isaiah 6 Facing the Real King May 18th, Pastor John Geaney  

The theme of this passage is to see how Holy King Jesus is, how sinful we are, and how that drives us to our need for Jesus Christ to be both savior and King of our lives, listening to His voice and obeying His commands.


Isaiah 2:5-22 Hiding From Reality May 4th, Pastor John Geaney  

What are you going to Trust in for your safty, security, joy and Peace?  Isaiah's blunt answer is Don't trust Man!  Listen to see how we can be fooled into the false security of trusting in man made wealth and protection, whilst denying God's majesty and guilty of God's condemnation.  Only Christ can set us free.

Isaiah 1-2:4 Choosing a City April 27th, Pastor John Geaney  

Big Idea; Tale of Two cities, who will be King?  You in this City of sin, or Jesus in the new City of Glory?  What will you choose?

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