One off sermons! 
"I don't mind 'topical sermons' as long as they're exegertical"  Matt Chandler

Genesis 4 The Sanctity of Human Life!  2016

  January 17th 2016 Pastor John

THEME: Hateful action towards those who are made in God’s image comes from hating the one who created it.

AIM: To value all human life because God created human life in His image.

Colossians 2:6-7 Alive in Christ! Memory Verse for 2016

  January 3rd 2016 Pastor John

THEME: Is to be Alive in Christ and nothing else

AIM:  Is to remain, walking, rooted and built up in Christ and nothing else.

Acts 17-18 Redeeming Culture through Your Vocation  September 6th 2015 Pastor John

BIG IDEA: If we know the gospel, we have responsibility to those around us for that gospel to impact our work, and to see it not as an occupation, simply earning the money to pay the bills, but as a vocation.  A calling that God has deliberately and specifically given to just you, to be done for the glory of God.

Vision for 2015 Ephesisans 2:4-5 January 4th 2014 Brother Sheldon Clowdus

Casting the Vision for our year ahead at 5th Avenue.  Called to Praise God that He took us from Dead to Alive in Christ!

Why Home Educate?  October 3rd 2014.  Pastor John

What is education?  The end of education is to reflect the glory of God in truth understood and rightly expressed.  A Dad's night to think through the pro's and con's of home education, with a talk and Q & A session.

What must I do to be saved? Acts 16  July 27th 2014 Mr. Hunter Bradley

Understanding the gift of our own salvation. What we must do to be saved? What does true salvation look like? How did it happen? Bro. Hunter tells his own testimony as he explains the scriptures to us too. A heartfelt, doctrinally strong explination of the gospel.  As he says; " I want you to get the gospel and share it!"

Be Reconciled to One Another. Matthew 18:15-35  July 20th 2014 Mr. Tyler Patrick

Great pratical advice from God's Word on how to live at peace with one another. Bro. Tyler explains the gospel steps to powerfully reconcilation with a brother or sister in Christ.  If you are in a broken relationship with a fellow Christian take a listen to this.  

Saved By Faith Alone. Galatians 2  July 13th 2014 Mr. Adam Lombard

When it comes to how we are saved and how we live our lives as Christians, Paul tells us in Galatians that it is by "faith alone".  Brother Adam explains to us the essential nature of resting in the work of Christ, not our own.  if you struggle with assurance of being saved, this is a great clear message.

Father's Day. Genesis 22  June 15th 2014 Mr. Sheldon Clowdus

The job of a Father is to display the beauty of Jesus Christ to our children.  How?  it is simple but not easy, To love God with all that we exist with to the glory of God, to trust God completeley.  Always remeber to trust God with our children.  There is enough to cover our sins when we screw it up.

Mother's Day. 2 Timothy 3:10-17  May 11th 2014 Mr. Hunter Bradley

The gift of Motherhood brought to us Jesus Christ trhough Mary.  The gift of Motherhood can deliver Jesus Christ to a child, don't negelct the giving of the gift.

The Lord's Supper. 1 Corinthians 11:17-34  March 30th 2014 Pastor John Geaney

What it takes to participate in the Lord's Supper

Vision for 2014 2 Corinthians 5:20 January 5th 2014 Pastor John Geaney

Casting the Vision for our year ahead at 5th Avenue.  Called to the ministry of Redmption.

Emmanuel - God becomes a Man!
Acts 15
But Wait, what should the church look like once He's asscended?
Sunday December 8th 2013, Bro' Hunter Bradley

The Gospel for All Men!

ALIVE 2013- Not Ashamed of theGospel! Romans1:16-17 November 3rd 2013 Pastor Dr. Larry Draper

What it means to be a gospel church. The gospel offends.  The gospel is good news, is salvation, is God's salvation.

Communion- Liberty to Worship Matthew22:1-14 -
June 30th 2013 Pastor John Geaney

What it means to have true Freedom from slavery to sin and the bondage of Sin.  So many people are enslaved by the question; “am I good enough for God?”  The Big Idea of this passage is that many people are invited to God’s wedding banquet, but only a few are chosen, v14.

Why?  Because they have rejected the invitation v1-13.  Jesus is warning that there are those who show by their actions that they have rejected God’s invitation.  Specifically, Jesus is talking to about Jew’s in this passage, but it still applies today here in the South. Many people claim to know Jesus and say that they fear God, but by their actions show that they have actually refused the King’s invitation to the gospel.

Father's Day Ephesians 6:4 - Show God Clearly. This is your time to tell them God’s story, don’t waste it.  
June 16th 2013 Pastor John Geaney

The legacy of a God centered Father. Dad’s Father you children in a way that clearly shows them who the Heavenly Father is.  That’s our big idea for today’s passage.  The aim is that all men here would step up to the plate in wanting to see a legacy been left of Children of grow up to be an army who go out with the gospel to redeem this dying world.

Mother's Day The Story of Hannah
May 12th 2013 Pastor John Geaney

The legacy of a God centered women 1 Samuel 1. God centered mothers change the nature of lostness & biblical understanding through their lives! 

Tyler & Jenny Patricks Wedding Service
May 4th 2013 Pastor John Geaney


2 Corinthains 3:1-4:6 Knowing God's Glory.
April 7th 2013 Pastor John Geaney

Knowing God in the person of Jesus Christ is the gospel and our greatest need.  See how we can know the power and glory of God through the work of His Spirit to unveil our blind eyes to see the face of Jesus Christ.

Luke 19:1-10 Let's "Seek & Save the Lost" .  Our Missions is Christ's Mission. 03/17/2013, John Geaney

Understanding what it means to be saved and what a saved life looks like!

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