Wrong made right by God, through the Gospel of God.

Romans 16 Made Known to All Nations. January 10th 2016, Pastor John Geaney

The theme of this last chapter today is a summary of Romans and it is the gospel is for all nations.

The aim of this passage is that we would be strengthened by this very gospel to preserve it and proclaim it to all nations.

Romans 15:22-33. Strive together, to rest together. December 27th 2015, Pastor John Geaney
& Hebrews 13 Brother Hunter

Theme: Paul wants the church in Rome to strive with him in prayer, then to rest with him in joy

AIM:  That God would strengthen us as a church to long to be in each other’s company, by striving together in prayer, and resting together in the joy that comes from fellowship in Jesus.

Romans 15:14-22. Paul's Mission Statement. December 20th 2015, Pastor John Geaney

THEME To believe the gospel is to live out the gospel   

AIM To connect the gospel we believe in with the life that we live.

Romans 15:8-13. The Fuel for Hope. December 13th 2015, Pastor John Geaney

THEME: The fuel for Hope

AIM: That the God of Hope would fill us with all joy and peace in believing His Word by the power of the Holy Spirit so that we may abound in hope.

Romans 15:1-7. Unity in accord with Christ Jesus. December 6th 2015, Pastor John Geaney

The theme of this passage is unity according to Christ Jesus.

The aim of this passage is that we would be united in Christ Jesus through what His Word says and the example he gave us.

Romans 14:13-23. The New Hope. November 29th 2015, Pastor John Geaney

Theme: As we look to where we want to be as a church in the hope of what is to come we constantly keep ourselves enslaved to loving one another.

AIM:  That we never lose of the hope we have in the love of God and therefore never lose hope of the love we are to have for one another.

Romans 14:1-4 You’re Welcome Part 1. Because You belong to God. November 22nd 2015, Pastor John Geaney

THEME:  The weak and the strong should both feel welcome in the church because they both belong to God.

AIM: That we love one another even when we have different opinions, CF 15:7

Romans 13:8-14 Love & Light in a Hateful & Dark World. November 15th 2015, Pastor John Geaney

THEME: Because of what is ahead we love one another now.

AIM: That our lives would proclaim the truth of gospel love and light in a hateful and dark world.

Romans 13:1-7 Restraining Evil! Submmiting to Governing Authority. November 8th 2015, Pastor John Geaney

 Key verse: READ V5.

THEME: God restrains Evil by government

AIM: That we submit to the structure of authority that God has placed over us for the sake of our conscience.

Romans 12:13-21 The Epic Picture- Overcome Evil with Good! November 1st 2015, Pastor John Geaney

 Key verse: READ V21.

 It is both the Theme and Aim of our passage that we overcome evil with good.

Romans 12:9-13 Genuinely love one another! October 25th 2015, Pastor John Geaney

Theme: Genuine love

Aim: That we love one another

Romans 12:3-8 Worship in action- Every Member ministry! October 18th 2015, Pastor John Geaney

The Theme is that our gifts to serve the church are gifts given by God.

The Aim of our passage is that we see that each one of us has an essential gift that is needed and must be engaged in the life of the church.  It is not optional.

Romans 12:1-2 True Worship! October 11th 2015, Pastor John

THEME: True Worship

AIM:  If your soul understand God’s mercy, give Him your mind and body in true worship.

Romans 11:11-36 The reconciliation of the World. October 4th 2015, Pastor John

Key verse 15

Big idea: To understand that by the Jews rejecting Jesus the rest of the world can be saved. V15

Aim:  To make Jews jealous of our faith V14

Romans 10:18-11:10 The glorious doctrine of election and grace. September 27th 2015, Brother Adam Lombard

The big idea of this passage is that in the glorious doctrine of election we understand God's grace.

The Aim of this passage is that we would be "hyper hearers and understanders of the gospel"  to except Jesus' glorious gospel of grace.

Romans 10:5-17 The Message of Salvation to All September 20th 2015, Brother Hunter Bradley

The big idea of this passage is that the gospel is for all men, both Jew and Gentile alike.  That the sovereignty of God and the responsibility of man are parallel truth in the Bible.

Romans 9:30-10:4 Head, Heart, Feet! September 13th 2015, Pastor John Geaney

The big idea of this passage is that righteousness comes by faith, believing in and loving Jesus, which will be seen in your actions to the lost.

The aim of our passage is that we would trust by faith in God saving us by loving Jesus seen in action for loving the lost.

Romans 9:1-29 God’s gloriously free Sovereign Choicel. August 30th 2015, Pastor John Geaney

The theme of our passage this morning is God’s gloriously free Sovereign choice.

To understand that God’s character and nature are revealed to us in this passage, that we get to peek into the throne room of God and see His glory.  And that that glory is glorious because it is unrestrained, never influenced, never overcome, never persuaded, but always true to His nature free to do whatever God wills.

The Aim of our passage is that we would rejoice if we are Christians at God’s sovereign choice, and cry out like Isaiah for God to have mercy those who are not yet saved.

Romans 8:31-39 More Than Conquerors -The Unstoppable Gospel. August 23rd 2015, Pastor John Geaney

The aim of this passage is to be reassured of God’s steadfast love.  

The big idea is that if we have a living faith we should also have a living hope that cannot be conquered.

Romans 8:17-30 A Cross Shaped Life. August 16th 2015, Pastor John Geaney

BIG IDEA: That we look from the present into the work of God in the Past, which gives us adoption Now, and a glrorius future Then.

AIM:  Wait eagerly with patience for the hope of future glory as adopted Son's & Daughter's of God V23 

Romans 8:12-17 A True Child of God, part of the family putting death to death by the Spirit of adoption. August 9th 2015, Pastor John Geaney

BIG IDEA: We can know we are children of God if we are led by the Spirit of Adoption.

AIM: We put death to death, by being led by the Spirit of God so that our spirit would bear witness to God’s Spirit

Romans 8:1-11 No Condemnation, New Minds (Identity) August 2nd 2015, Pastor John Geaney

The big idea of this passage is that we are free from condemnation of God, proven by our minds being able to be set on the things of the Spirit.

The aim of this passage is to know who we are.  Either we are a Christian with God’s Spirit dwelling within us or we are lost and our mind is set on our flesh, which leads to death, eternal death. We need to be able to know the difference.

Romans 7:12-25 War & Peace July 26th 2015, Pastor John Geaney

Recap: The law without grace + our sinful flesh = death like a toaster + us in a bath full of water = death

Big Idea: Paul moves from the general battle we have with sin to his own personal fight with sin.

Aim: That we submitt to not fighting our sinflesh in our own strength but work in the grace of Christ.  If we don't experince war and peace then ask is Jesus really my King?

Romans 7:1-12 The Christian Life through Christ’s death.  July 19th 2015, Pastor John Geaney

Christianity is not meant to be understood as God standing over us waiting for us to break the rules so that he can then strike us with a rod. In other words.  Be good or else…..

Key  V 6 & 12 the Law is Holy, but deadly without the spirit of grace

BIG IDEA: The Law kills us without Grace.  With Grace it is Holy.

AIM: Live / serve in the new way of the Spirit

Romans 6:15-23 Justification to Sanctification, Choose Life  July 12th 2015, Pastor John Geaney

BIG IDEA: The heart of the Christian saved by grace is to be obedient to Jesus’ teaching

AIM: Choose life b/c it bears good fruit.

Key V 19

Romans 6:1-14 Be Dead to sin & Alive to Christ  July 5th 2015, Pastor John Geaney

BIG IDEA: Christ followers are to be dead to sin and alive to Christ.

AIM: Not to return to the rotting flesh of our old dead life, but instead to live to the joy of life in Christ under grace.

Romans 5:12-21 Two Realms, Two ways to live, Adams or Jesus  June 21st 2015, Pastor John Geaney

BIG IDEA: There are two realms.  One of Adam & One of Jesus. In Adam the world is united in death. In Christ the world is united in life.

AIM:  For Jesus to be King and live in the realm of abundant life.

Romans 5:1-11 Peace With God  June 14th 2015, Pastor John Geaney

BIG IDEA: Peace with God every day, past present and future.  AIM: That we would move in peace and have the Holy Spirit pour God's love into our heart.

Romans 4:13-25 God Keeps His Promises  June 7th 2015, Pastor John Geaney

THEME: God makes and is able to keep His Promises.   AIM:  To be fully convinced of the promise of faith or to put it the way verse 21 puts it.


Romans 3:27-4:12 Justification by faith alone  May 31st 2015, Pastor John Geaney

THEME: The only reason we are saved is because God choose to. It is only by having faith in His choice to save us that you and I can be saved.

Romans 3:21-26 Impossible Goodness for Impossible Forgiveness  May 24th 2015, Pastor John Geaney

THEME: The solution to our sin of unbelief is the righteousness of God found only in Jesus Christ.  AIM: From Psalm 51:12  "Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit"

Romans 3:9-20 No Escape & No Deffence  May 17th 2015, Pastor John Geaney

The big idea of this passage:There is no escape and no defense, because we are all under sin.  The aim of our passage is to cry out for God’s mercy to save us.

Romans 3:1-8 ? God's Faithfulness & Judgement (No Special Treatment For Jews)  May 10th 2015, Pastor John Geaney

Well here in our passage today, the apostle Paul has to deliver the message from the heavenly Father. The Jews are asking, God, aren’t we your children?  Then why are you condemning us?  Why are the gentiles being saved, when we are your chosen people?  The simple but harsh answer is, because you have sin too, and God will be faithful to judge.  The aim is to understand all are infected with sin and the only cure is repntance and faith in Jesus.

Romans 2:16 –29 Don't Try & Justify Yourself May 3rd 2015, Pastor John Geaney

The BIG IDEA of our passage is the warning against trying to justify our selves, something we all do, like with the picture on the front of the bulletin.  Paul has in mind in particular certain Jews in Rome, but it is a principle that applies to us all.  The AIM of our passage today is to humble the self-righteous nature in us, so that we would have a heart for God filled with His Praise.  The privilege of having and knowing the bible will not save us. V16-24  The practice of religion doesn’t not give us a new heart for God. V25-29

Romans 2:11 –16 No Excuse! Ignoring Our Conscience April 26th 2015, Pastor John Geaney

BIG IDEA: To allow our conscinece to tell us when we break God's Law.  AIM: To never ignore our God given conscinece.

Romans 2:1 –11 No Excuse! Ignoring Sin April 19th 2015, Pastor John Geaney

BIG IDEA: To never make excuses for our own sin.  AIM: To always keep a humble perspective because of our own sin and need of repentance.

Romans 1:24-32  – Ignoring God, Murdering ourselves and others through covering up the truth with evil April 12th 2015, Pastor John Geaney

Big idea; That when we ignore God, not only do we kill ourselves but we also kill others by covering up the truth with evil.  Aim; Is that we see the hope and confidence we can have in speaking Jesus to a world that has the knowledge that God is real, worthy, to be thanked and worshiped, and rightly can and will punish sin that can be discover when Jesus cracks through the layers of evil that supress it.

Romans 1:18-26 & Mark 16:1-8 Ressurection Sunday – He is Risen, He’s Alive. Don't push down that truth by exchanging it for the world!  April 5th 2015, Pastor John Geaney

Why do more people go to church on Easter Sunday? Or to flip it, why don’t more people go to church every other Sunday?  Is it because of not believing the Easter Story of the Resurrection?  If the Resurrection happened then….. But the reason someone doesn’t believe in resurrection is because of what Romans 1:18 says.  The dreadful exchange, the foolishness of thinking there is goodness in sin, and that in God there is emptiness

Romans 1:7-17 Unashamed – Because it takes you through this world to God & is How Christians Impact the Word. March 29th 2015, Pastor John Geaney

So Paul sets his heart, soul, body mind and strength on the gospel, so that when the world tries to shame him for believing in it he will respond, NO, I am not ashamed of the gospel for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes.

Romans 1:1-7 The Gospel of God – The Theme of Romans March 22nd 2015, Pastor John Geaney

What is the gospel?  A need for clarity!  If we are to see Rome changed, we must understand the Gospel of God clearly, and aplly it rightly.  We must be a church made up of people that are both being disciple as well as making disciples.  The gospel is the gospel of God.  It is all about him and without Him there is no gospel.

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