The need for godliness in the local church, through it's members becoming godly men, women, and children.

Titus 3 Thankful For Good Work
November 23rd 2014, Pastor John

That we would do the “good work” of taking the gospel to the world outside the church.  It is all summed up for us in V8 which is the key for unlocking this passage

Titus 2 Thankful For Sound doctrine
November 16th 2014, Pastor John

Sound or healthy doctrine produces healthy Christians and healthy churches.  The aim of chapter is;  Teach what is good v3, model  what is good works v7, & be zealous for what is good works v14

Titus 1  Thankful For a Bible Believing Church 
November 9th 2014, Pastor John

Our culture is sick with sin, with each one of us being infected.  God's cure is Jesus, His method the preaching of the gospel by those who want to give God glory.  Christian we are to be in contrast and not camo with the culture we live in.  

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